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The Quantitative Media History Database (QMHDB) is an open-access repository for quantitative data concerning media history. It was founded in 2013 by Derek Long, a UW-Madison PhD candidate in Film in the Communication Arts department.

The current emphasis of the QMHDB is on well-sourced quantitative information about the media industries – so none of the data here comes from IMDB, Wikipedia, or other popular sites unless a particular datum is well-sourced. “Well-sourced” ideally means that a datum comes from archival or other primary documents, but it might also come from peer-reviewed secondary literature.

Most of the initial data corpus you can browse here is made up of data culled from archival collections at the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. It includes cost, length, and release date data from the Aitken Collection on films made at the Reliance-Majestic and Fine Arts studios between 1914 and 1917.

The database is currently in development, but more data and functionality is being added all the time. If you have data you would like to contribute to the database, or suggestions for its improvement, please contact the database administrator, Derek Long, at drlong@wisc.edu.

Finally, special thanks go to Communication Arts Professor Eric Hoyt and Pete Sengstock with the UW-Madison Instructional Media Center for their assistance, both scholarly and technical, in getting this project off the ground.

Thanks for visiting!

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