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As you can see, we’re still working on the search interface, but for now you can browse and search the QMHDB’s holdings in negative costs from Reliance-Majestic and Triangle-Fine Arts films from the mid-teens. Click the “filters” button to search by various criteria, and “apply filters” (at the bottom of the filter form) to conduct your search.

Searching with no filters selected will return all data.

You may download a PDF or CSV of the data by clicking the appropriate button. The “view” button to the right of each entry will show a film’s complete listing. Enjoy searching!

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Title Dir. Last NameDir. First NameReelsRelease DateNegative CostSundry ExpensesAction
A Bad Man and OthersPowersFrancis21915-06-262673.49471.15View
A Banakie MaidenMackleyArthur21915-01-022194.930.00View
A Bold ImpersonationKelseyFred21915-08-282777.57111.59View
A Breath of SummerSiegmannGeorge11915-07-141360.3670.05View
A Child of GodAdolfiJohn41915-04-298857.010.00View
A Child of GodCabanneWilliam Christy41915-04-298857.010.00View
A Child of the SurfConwayJack21915-08-291988.14148.91View
A City BeautifulCabanneWilliam Christy21914-08-012439.560.00View
A Corner in HatsDillonEdward11914-11-291093.23132.72View
A Costly ExchangeDillonEdward11915-02-281267.0147.10View
A Dark HorseMyersRay11915-09-131189.0544.10View
A Day That Is GoneNicholsGeorge21915-02-283840.350.00View
A Farewell DinnerSiegmannGeorge21915-01-311673.59191.90View
A Flurry in ArtDillonEdward11915-01-241149.95103.85View
A Lesson in MechanicsCabanneWilliam Christy11914-08-21970.28146.24View
A Little Country MouseCrispDonald11914-11-161028.65119.18View
A Man and His MateAdolfiJohn41915-04-1210787.430.00View
A Man and His WorkNicholsGeorge11915-02-161487.5468.75View
A Man For All ThatWalshRaoul21915-04-171839.960.00View
A Man’s PerogativeNicholsGeorge41915-04-197508.501049.99View
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