Ayer & Son Circulation Data

The following interface allows you to search collated data from selected years of the N.W. Ayer and Son’s newspaper directories, which listed circulation data for American periodicals.

You may search the database for specific periodicals, years, and circulation numbers using the filters button (hit “apply filters” to execute the search). Click the magnifying glass icon to see more detailed data about each entry. Use the arrows at the top of each column to order chronologically, by publication, etc.

A few notes:
- Circulations listed as “0″ were not reported in the directory, either by choice of the publication (Variety refused to give Ayer circulation stats, for instance) or as a result of insufficient data.
- “Circ. info type” describes the relative reliability of the entry. While sometimes Ayer simply estimated circulation based on previous years, they also collected more reliable and certified statements based on publishers’ reports or other data.

Happy searching!

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YearPublicationCirculationCirc. Info TypeCityStateSubject 1Action
1900Clipper20000estimatedNew YorkNYSport and TheatricalView
1900Dramatic Mirror10000estimatedNew YorkNYDramaticView
1900Printers’ Ink22609Detailed StatementNew YorkNYNewspaper AdvertisingView
1900Billboard10015Detailed StatementCincinnatiOHBill postingView
1901Clipper20000estimatedNew YorkNYSport and TheatricalView
1901Dramatic Mirror10000estimatedNew YorkNYDramaticView
1901Billboard10015estimatedCincinnatiOHBill postingView
1902Clipper25440Publishers’ ReportsNew YorkNYSport and TheatricalView
1902Dramatic Mirror10000estimatedNew YorkNYDramaticView
1902Billboard10015estimatedCincinnatiOHBill postingView
1903Clipper20000Detailed Statement; SwornNew YorkNYSport and TheatricalView
1903Dramatic Mirror10000estimatedNew YorkNYDramaticView
1903Billboard10015estimatedCincinnatiOHBill postingView
1904Clipper26980Publishers’ ReportsNew YorkNYDramaticView
1904Dramatic Mirror10000estimatedNew YorkNYDramaticView
1904Billboard10015estimatedCincinnatiOHBill postingView
1905Clipper26916Publishers’ ReportsNew YorkNYDramatic and TheatricalView
1905Dramatic Mirror10000estimatedNew YorkNYDramaticView
1905Printers’ Ink14834Detailed Statement; SwornNew YorkNYAdvertisingView
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